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New Equipment - Focus on the Cybex Arc Trainer

Cybex Arc TrainerWe love the Cybex Arc Trainer – it is truly unique and an amazing product!

  • The Cybex Arc Trainer works to combine different exercises that train various parts of the body in a unique non-impacting way!
  • In research it is shown to burn more calories than any other cross trainer or elliptical tested!
  • The science behind the Arc ensures a big calorie burn and allows training for power, endurance and weight loss - all at the same time!
  • It's like having 3 machines in one, combining the glide of a cross country ski, stride of an elliptical and climb of a stepper.
  • The unique Arc pattern positions the body correctly and reduces strain and potential pain in use.
  • Perfect for professional athletes, general fitness and rehabilitation.

Inclusive Fitness

Inclusive Fitness

At Coopal, we really believe in sport and training for everyone – whatever capability.

We are interested in bringing the right equipment, designed and built to excellent standards to everyone.

Equipment that can be used by everyone – whatever ability.

Working with manufacturers who embrace this ideology, Coopal aims to help facilities attract a diverse client base of all ability and needs, helping everyone to improve fitness, confidence and social interaction.

By taking this approach facilities can stand out, attract new members and be happy, positive places where amazing things happen!

Take a look at the equipment we like, and tell us what you think!

Focus on the Alter-G Anti Gravity Treadmill & Cybex Total Access VR3 Strength

We love the Alter-G Anti Gravity Treadmill and Cybex Total Access Equipment – it truly represents what Inclusive Fitness ideology is all about!